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Activities of the Republic Centre – PORAKAActivities of the services in the network of the Republic Centre – PORAKA

Day Centres of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Skopje

The programme activities in the Day Centres of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Skopje are being implemented in accordance with the foreseen programme for work following the Protocols for work in the Day Centres for children/persons with disability. As usual, the accent is put on gaining new and advancing the existing independent living skills. At the beginning of the summer period, attention was given to learning appropriate behaviour while at the pool, beach, mountain, outing in the park. Also, activities were conducted for gaining measures/ways to ensure the security at home while being away for a longer period and taking care of the plants while away on vacation. Activities were also conducted for preparing the necessary items and clothing for travelling considering the days and the place of travel, as well as compliance with the recommendations for sun protection.

Users who went on summer vacation shared photographs and impressions of different destinations. After returning at the Day Centre, they painted the impressions as well. The skills for using electronic media and communication applications gained during the period of online support this time were used for greeting their friends at the Day Centre while they are on vacation. Additionally, activities for preparing refreshing fruit salads and drinks were conducted on daily basis. One of the activities interesting for the users was preparation of seasonal fruit compotes. The users followed all the steps needed for preparing this product. Essential part of the summer are the summer events and socializing outdoors, so some of the users independently organized walks and excursions among themselves.


Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Radovis

The activities at the Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Radovis are being realized following the foreseen programme activities. Moreover, the cooperation with the Red Cross in Radovis in the “Volunteering Message 2022” was also conducted within the foreseen timeframe. As a part of this project, the users of the Day Centre together with volunteers from Red Cross realised many different activities. At the end of June, the users together with part of the volunteers went out nearby the Day Centre. The had a short walk and then a workshop for making kites. Part of this activity was also to compete in flying the kites. This activity was finished with a visit to the nearby supermarket, where the users had the opportunity to buy their snacks.

On 12th of July, the Day Centre took part in the heat wave protection activities of the Red Cross in Radovis. These activities were carried out at certain locations in the city, where citizens were given bottles of water and leaflets with recommendations on protection from the hot weather. Igor and Matilda, users at the Day Centre, actively took part in this task alongside the volunteers of Red Cross in Radovis.

On the occasion of the Youth Day, the Day Centre took part in sending a message for intergeneration solidarity. Together with volunteers from the Red Cross in Radovis they sent a message by drawings in a form of a mural on the wall of the Retirement Home in Radovis.


Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Stip

The activities at the Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA Stip are implemented regularly as in the working programme. The users of the Day Centre practiced the skills for money manipulation and using payment cards. They also practiced how to use the ATMs.

The users of the Day Centre visited an Orthodox church on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the visit, the priest talked about the meaning of this holiday and the traditional customs performed for its celebration.

At the beginning of September, the users of the Day Centre visited several institutions in the city, where they can realise some of their rights. On 9th of September, they visited the regional office of the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia in Stip, and on 11th of September, they visited the Ministry of Interior – Stip. During both visits, the users were introduced to part of the work scope in these institutions, the rights that can be realised, and the method and the necessary documentation for realising those rights. These visits, i.e., going out of the Day Centre, were also used to practice skills for more independent and safer mobility around the city, for example, street walking, pedestrian crossings, and space orientation.

During the past period, the activities within the “Sport and Recreation for All” project continued. Every Thursday, the users have fitness training, which depending on the possibilities, is realised in a Sports Hall, outdoors or in the premises of the Day Centre.


Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Prilep

The activities of the Day Centre in Prilep are realised in accordance with the programme for work. In the past period, the accent was put on activities for developing and advancing the opportunities, potentials and possibilities for expressing the personal needs of the users. Considering the need for better personal hygiene during the summer period, the users were encouraged to be more independent in keeping their personal hygiene of specific body parts. Those users that have already gained these skills, practiced how to perform them more easily.

Practical workshops have been conducted using banknotes and coins of different value on order to gain money manipulation skills. Everyday situations were demonstrated at these workshops, in which the users can use money themselves. As a new experience that arose from the workshops was the possibility of mutual lending money and the responsibility for returning them.

Other activities that have been conducted in the past period were the visit to the local festival Pivofest, traditionally organized in Prilep, and the visit to the church Preobrazenie. During the visit to the church the users they had the opportunity to talk about the meaning and the traditions related to Preobrazenie as an Orthodox holiday.

The members of the Interact Club from Prilep donated a projector to the Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Prilep. Many thanks to these young people and their enthusiasm.


Social Club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Strumica

The Social Club, apart its regular activities with creative workshops and socialization and communication, conducted numerous activities for advancing the individual living skills of the users in the past period. The activities focused on preparation of light meals, maintaining the hygiene, shopping for groceries, paying at the cashiers and money manipulation. Furthermore, healthcare activities were also conducted: visiting a doctor and purchasing medicines from a pharmacy, and self-help at home in case of minor injuries with first aid that they have at home.

PORAKA Strumica began with implementation of a project “Persons with Disability – Equal Participants in the Traffic” in June 2022, financially supported by the Municipality of Strumica. The main objective of the project is to improve the independent living skills among persons with intellectual disability and their equal participation in the community. Through the project activities, in the following seven months, they will expand their knowledge of basic traffic signs and rules of behaviour in traffic, as pedestrians, but also as users of different means of transportation, such as bicycle, cars, (taxi vehicles), bus, etc. The activities realized within the project in this past period, were aimed to enable the users of the Social Club for walking in the streets, crossing them at intersections and pedestrian crossings as safely as possible, when using transportation on their own or with someone else. Most of the activities are carried out by demonstration, simulation and practicing directly in traffic. The emphasis is given to gaining independence and raising self-esteem within the users of the Social Club. The activities realised outside the premises of the social club provide gaining new friends, possibilities for socialization, cooperation with others, building a positive image about themselves, gaining independence, and it is a step forward for parents as well, because it provides an opportunity to spend more time with others, to be included in other activities at the community.


Social Club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Bitola

The Social Club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Bitola realized its foreseen activities in the past period in accordance to the programme for work. The activities for gaining practical skills, such as maintaining personal hygiene, the hygiene at the premises of the Social Club and the yard outside, are continuously being conducted. Several activities for knitting and making bread were also realised. The sports and recreational activities were also realised by using the sport equipment at the Social Club.

The users of the Social Club, in June, in cooperation with the teacher Vesna Gagalevska and pupils from the Primary School “Todor Angelevski” took part in the European Green Week. Several workshops with a goal for raising awareness about protecting the environment have been carried out, in which the participants made different handicrafts from recycled materials. In the past period, Pavel Talevski, volunteer in PORAKA Bitola, realised musical workshops once a week, where users of the Social Club learned and played percussion musical instruments. Also, the users had the possibility to attend a couple of musical concerts in Bitola within BIT fest – Bitola.

The Social Club in Bitola organized a one-day visit to the National Park Pelister in the second half of July. This activity was beneficial from many aspects. During the walk along the First World War path and the path to Pelister Peak, the users were introduced to the flora and fauna of Pelister, and also, they visited the Museum of Flora and Fauna and the Pelister Infocentre. During the walk, they gathered mountain tea herbs, which they will then prepare at the Social Club. The appropriate movements and behaviour in nature, open space orientation were also part of the activities realised that day.

The Social Club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Vinica

The Social Club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Vinica realised its activities in accordance with the foreseen programme for work. Activities for gaining independent living skills were conducted and numerous activities for advancing the cognitive and social possibilities of the users at the Social Club.

During the workshops that had the summer as a theme, the users made different handicrafts, and talked about the ways of protection from the hot weather. The users took part in advancing the physical health through sports and recreational activities. In addition to the cognitive and educational activities, activities such as listening to music, playing board games, etc., were also carried out.