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Activities of the Republic Centre – PORAKARenovation of the facilities at the Day Centre of Republic Centre – PORAKA in Radovis

The Republic Centre – PORAKA and PORAKA Radovis, in the past period, have been implementing activities for renovating the facilities at the Day Centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Radovis, which will help to overcome the long-standing problem with moisture in the premises of the Day Centre, and which will significantly improve the working conditions with the persons with intellectual disability in the Day Centre.

In agreement with Municipality of Radovis and supported by Bucim Mine, construction activities are underway for the installation of hydro isolation and drainage of the building, facade with Styrofoam isolation, as well as correction of the inner walls.

The completion of the works is planned to finish till 15th of October 2022, and the funds for reconstruction are provided by the Republic Centre – PORAKA and Bucim Mine.