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Activities of PORAKA StrumicaImplementation of project “Transparent PORAKA”

PORAKA Strumica started with implementation of the project “Transparent PORAKA” in September 2020. The project is financed by the Municipality of Strumica through the programme G1 from the Budget of Municipality of Strumica for 2020.

The main goal of the project is strengthening the organizational capacities for transparent work and adapted information for tackling the challenges faced by persons with disabilities. The specific goal of the project is to develop nine tools for transparent and adapted information regarding the programme activities of PORAKA Strumica and the challenges faced by persons with disabilities within nine months.

The first package of activities includes publication of infographics with information regarding the narrative and financial report of PORAKA Strumica for 2019, and the Annual programme for 2020, to improve the practice for transparent reporting of programme activities and implemented activities as well as the finances of PORAKA Strumica.

The central point of the project are the creative workshops for preparing infographics with adapted and easy-to-read information, advices and steps regarding the health and realization of rights of persons with disabilities. Faced with the new global challenges that have triggered the alarm for greater general health care, and faced with the risk misinformation, incomplete and not adapted information, the purpose of this activity is to create infographics that will provide adapted and easy-to-read information, advices and steps for better protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and influenza as well as general health care.

Moreover, within the project, a brochure will be prepared and published: “PORAKA in the past decade: achieved results” and new social media platforms will be created (Instagram and Twitter).

Special emphasis will be placed on creating a webpage, which will have the appearance and functionality to assist persons with disability (intellectual, dyslexia, autism, blind, deaf) to read the web content more easily. Also, to provide advice for prevention and protection, information on realization of the rights for persons with disability in the social protection area was well as information and advice of how to protect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses and general health care.