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Newsletter of the Republic Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA


Number 1 year XXXV – March 2022




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Activities of the Republic Centre – PORAKA

Workshop “Practical activities for advancing the independent living skills of the users at the Day Centres and Social Clubs of the Republic Centre – PORAKA


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Activities of the Republic Centre – PORAKA

Meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Jovana Trencevska, regarding the Priorities of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in social protection 


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Activities of the Republic Centre – PORAKA

Report on the situation with Early Childhood Intervention in the Republic of North Macedonia


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Decree on exemption from tuition fees


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Text taken from Radio Pela from 7.3.2022

The Judo knows no boundaries – the Judo unites all!

Kiko, a person with Down Syndrome, practices on tatami!


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Activities of the Ombudsman and the United Nation’s Team

Conference on “Strengthening National Human Rights Institutions as independent monitoring mechanisms for the implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”


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Conference at the UN headquarters in New York

Observing the World Down Syndrome Day 2022


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Activities of the Republic centre – PORAKA and its services

Activities of the services in the Repiblic Centre – PORAKA’s network


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