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Successful cooperation with “Theatre Pi”Theatre and music performance “Connections”

Theatre and music performance “Connections”

The successfully established cooperation between the Republic Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA and “Theatre Pi” continued this year as well. In the past period, the team of “Theatre Pi” worked hard together with persons with intellectual disability, beneficiaries of the Day Centres – PORAKA Skopje. Together they were preparing for a new theatre and music performance featuring professional actors and musicians and persons with intellectual disability.

Imagine a life in which the sunshine is too bright. Where the noise from the radio makes you cough instead to dance. Where the taste of chocolate is bitter, not sweet. Imagine that the hug of someone who is close to you, makes you heavier. The kiss is shrinking, and the smell of the rose is making you sick. Then, imagine a world full of high expectations. Expectations for one simple: How are you? The burden of a simple reaction to social nuances. Where everyone deceives, scolds, cheats, exaggerates. Yet. Can I see things that go unnoticed? I can smell the flowers that you will only pass by. I am not obstructed and have no disability. I do not mind anything. I can learn differently. I can see differently. I can taste and feel differently. Well, I am a person; I am your son, daughter or grandson, or someone that passes you by on a sidewalk. I am incredible.
This is briefly the summary of the performance Connections that was played at the Home of Culture “Koco Racin” in Skopje on 19.12.2019. The Directors were Zlatko Mitreski and Makedonka Ilievska. Music was performed by Gavrilo Milovanovik – keyboards, Jovan Vitanov – phage, Eva Malinovska – cello, Zlatko Mitreski and Dino Ramo – drums. Actors in the performance were Tripun Atanasov, Emilija Belimbegovska, Ana Bekarska, Lara Boskovik, Zaklina Velkovska, Dino Ramo, Ljupco Ristovski, Darko Urdarevik and Pirunika Kiselicki.