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Activities of the Republic Centre – PORAKAActivities of the social services of Republic Centre – PORAKA during the COVID-19 pandemic

During 2021, in a situation with COVID-19 pandemic, the main priority of the Republic Centre – PORAKA is providing support to the users of the day centres for persons with intellectual disability and their families, i.e., continuing the realisation of the adapted programme activities of the day centres.

The Republic Centre – PORAKA has conducted all necessary preparations for working with physical attendance of the users in the day centres for persons with intellectual disability: the premises and the equipment have been disinfected, the adequate protective equipment has been purchased, a schedule for work with the users in groups has been made and the protocols for working in day centres for children/persons with disability are consistently followed.

Considering that some of the families of the users in the day centres and bearing in mind the epidemiologic situation and the possible health risks for their children, did not agree to be included with direct work with physical attendance, the day centres have continued to perform adjusted individual educational programmes in home using telephone, internet, and video communication.

The adapted programmes for psychosocial support and the adjusted individual educational programmes are unified and are being conducted in each day centre within the Republic Centre – PORAKA’s network. Within the realisation of the individual educational activities, the everyday communication with the users and their families continued. The priority was to engage the users, i.e., to give guidance and tasks for conducting activities that would maintain their skills and possibilities. Within the psychosocial support priority has been given to support, advise, reasoning, encouragement for easier understanding and dealing with the situation we are all in. Different types of communication have been used that are suitable for the users and their parents/guardians, including telephone calls and video communication if the user/parent/guardian are using Viber, FB Messenger, Zoom or other application. Special attention has been given to those users who are more independent since they are in greater risk of inappropriate behaviour, i.e., not respecting the official recommendations and limitations.


Activities of the day centre of the Republic centre – PORAKA in Stip

The activities in the day centre of the Republic centre – PORAKA in Stip have been conducted regularly in the past period, in accordance with the protocols for work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The users actively and successfully performed the activities related to significant dates in the past period. For celebrating Christmas Eve, they made Christmas bread and showed their creative abilities and skills.

February, on the other hand, was marked by celebrating love and wine. Several workshops were realised where the users made handicrafts on these themes. At the end of February, preparations for 1st of March began. The users welcomed March with happiness, they exchanged personalized Martinki (bracelets made of wool and beads). Also, several workshops on the occasion of 8 of March were realised, where the users created gifts and decorations for their parents.


Activities of the Day centre of the Republic centre – PORAKA in Prilep


The activities in the day centre of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Prilep have been realized in compliance with the protocol for working in the day centres for children/persons with disabilities. Apart from the foreseen programme activities, new occupational activities have been introduced in the work with the users. Several workshops have been realised for producing wooden picture frames, covering the whole process: sawing, scraping, painting, varnishing the wood. The users were involved in the activities with all their attention and dedication, and they were very satisfied with their hard work and the final products.

During the sunny days, large part of the working day and the foreseen activities were implemented outside, at the yard in front of the day centre. The communication with those users that are not attending the day centre, as a result of the current situation, is being carried out online providing psychological support for them and their families. They look forward to the calls, to see their friends and talk about what is happening to them and how they spend the day. In the past period, in line with the protocols, a Zumba instructor is coming to the day centre, once a week. The positive atmosphere, the smiley faces of the users are present every Wednesday, when they impatiently expect the arrival of the instructor. Within the programme activities, especially the sports and recreational activities, the user themselves express willingness to play Zumba. There are even a couple of users, who have expressed a desire to start Zumba lessons, since they easily learned the steps. A workshop was organized for creating decorations for 8 of March, that were given as presents to the parents. The decorations, the cards and the flowers were made of wool, plastic bottles, and paper.


Activities of the day centre of the Republic centre – PORAKA in Radovis

The activities at the day centre in Radovis continued to be implemented in accordance with the foreseen programme activities. In a situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the day centre works in compliance with all measures and protocols for protection and prevention of spreading the Corona virus. The users had the opportunity to express their creative abilities in several workshops, organized on the occasion of the holidays celebrated in the past period.

ON 10th of February, the deputy-general director of the Buchim Mine NIkolajcho Nikolov, visited the day centre. The visit was to celebrate his birthday together with the uses, an event that has been traditionally celebrated in the past. This time, the celebration was organized according to the protocols and following the protection measures for COVID-19. Every user received a gift, i.e., 1000 denars, and as a token of appreciation, the users gave him a handmade painting and mosaics.


Activities of the social club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Strumica

The social club of the Republic Centre – PORAKA in Strumica, in a Covid-19 pandemic, continued to implement the activities planned in the annual working programme, complying with the Protocols and the recommendations for working with persons with disabilities, i.e., wearing masks, keeping distance and hygiene of the premises, as well as personal hygiene. Following these measures, the users traditionally made the Christmas bread. Several educational and creative workshops were organized, in which the users made handicrafts, souvenirs and presents for celebrating St. Valentine and St.Trifun, as well as the International Women’s Day. Although the Strumica Carnival was not held this year either, the users still made carnival masks in creative workshops and decorated them of their choice.

On 21st of March, on the occasions of the World Down Syndrome Day, in cooperation with the Primary School “Vidoe Podgorec”, an educational workshop was held, and also a message was sent as a support to these persons: “Four-leaf clover for faith, hope, love and good health”.

The implementation of the project “Transparent PORAKA” is in the final stage, and its objective is to inform the public about the programme and creative activities of PORAKA Strumica through adequate tools and infographics. The users in the social club finished the handmade infographics and conveyed messages in easy-to-read form regarding the personal hygiene and health care in the condition with COVID-19 pandemic and protection from the Corona virus. Messages were also sent about the hygiene at home and outside, and about the care of the environment in which we live and work. The infographics and the brochure are prepared and printed, and the new official website of PORAKA Strumica is in function. The website is accessible for all persons with disability, and they can easily read and understand the web contents, the rights of persons with disability in the field of social protection, as well as all the news, events and activities on local level.