Delivering the message of people with intellectual disabilities to the public since 1963


Observing 3 December, The International Day of Persons with Disabilities on national levelPerformance of “Kissed by the Sun”

The Republic Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA, in cooperation with members of Theatre PI, actors Zlatko Mitrevski and Makedonka Ilievska, organized a performance of the theatre play “Kissed by the Sun”, in which actors are persons with intellectual disability, beneficiaries of the day centres of PORAKA in Skopje. The performance was played in 03.12.2017 at the Multimedia centre “Mala Stanica”.
Through a series of specific acting techniques and improvisation process, the work explores the possibilities of creating a theatre with images and stories from everyday life of persons with intellectual disability. Through situations and theatrical games, a material has been created together with persons with intellectual disability, which is part of the dramaturgy in the theatre performance “Kissed by the Sun”. The emphasis of this multimedia performance is placed on their ability to be performers – performers and engaged through body language on the stage, to share an intimate theatre act with the audience.
The performance was organized for the observance of 3 December, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and represents an opportunity to present and emphasise the abilities and potentials of persons with intellectual disability. At the same time, it contributes towards direct influence in breaking prejudices that are permanently following these persons.

During the event, Republic Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA awarded Acknowledgement to Ski Centre Mavrovo – Resort Mavrovo, as an expression of recognition for the 15the Amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom, which was organized to support the programme activities of PORAKA’s day centres for persons with intellectual disability. Also, PORAKA Skopje gave acknowledgements to individuals, organizations and institutions that gave contribution in 2018 for realizing the goals of the organization: Unit for social security, child and health protection in City of Skopje, The International School NOVA and the pupil Mia Milosevska, Funk Shui Band, the Bowling alley at Sports centre “Boris Trajkovski”, the Study programme for graphics at the Faculty for Fine arts and Theatre PI.