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Partnership of the Republic Center – PORAKA in European projectsFinal activities within the European project “Early Inclusion through Mutual Learning”

The Republic Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA, in the past period, continued with foreseen activities as one of the partner organizations in a consortium of 10 partners in the European project “Early Inclusion through Learning from Each Other”, that is supported by ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. The project is focused on increased knowledge and shared methods relating to preschool age children with disability or being at risk of disability. The project aims to transfer information, concrete methodologies and to assess competencies.

In direct communication with the consortium of partner organizations led by the Austrian organization S.I.N.N. – Evaluation, PORAKA team worked on advancing the tools provided with this project. The activities referred to adapting and arranging the online platform aimed for exchange of experiences among the professionals and positive examples and practices from the work with persons with intellectual disability have been posted on the Web page. More precisely, the activities were focused on advancing the tool Inclusion Method Market, which is self-organized methodological online exchange market-place. Within the project activities, PORAKA team continued to advance the Validation questions about the 10 Inclusion Briefing Packs regarding certain conditions, syndromes and disabilities. Also, numerous activities were performed regarding translation and adaptation of briefing materials.

In accordance to the foreseen project goals and activities, in March 2018, PORAKA held two informative events for multiplication, that is presentation of the online platform and the learning tools elaborated by project partners. Students from the Faculty of Philosophy at the Saint Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, i.e. Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation and Institute for Social Works and Social Politics as well as professors and assistants from these institutes took part at these events.

To our great pleasure, the participants opened discussion for many important and crucial issues, and the offered information and methods through the online platform were assessed as useful and employable in their work. The two events led to signing a Memorandum for Cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy. Within this cooperation, PORAKA will provide continuous access and support to students from the Institute for Special Education and Rehabilitation as well as using materials and methods for working with children with disabilities that are available on the online platform developed within the project “Early Inclusion through Learning from Each Other”, supported by ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.
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