Action for refurbishment of the new venue for Day Center in Radovis begins Your support is needed!

Since it was established the Day Center of Republic Center – PORAKA in Radovis (ten years ago) works in frazzled assembly barracks, which in the past several years on couple occasions underwent refurbishments in order to offer adequate facilities where the programme activities could smoothly be realized. Nevertheless, the frazzle of the facility is still a major problem that obstructs the functioning of the Day Center. Therefore, a bigger and more adequate venue is needed. The members of the Republic Center – PORAKA and PORAKA Radovis permanently emphasized this need during the meetings with the local authorities in Radovis, and also on each public event. Due to the successfully established cooperation with the local authorities, as well as with the Mayor of Municipality of Radovis, Mr. Robert Velkov, we found a solution for overcoming this need.

Namely, during 2010, PORAKA Radovis was assigned with facilities – building of solid construction, which with adequate refurbishment, renovation and equipment, will become a proper Day Center. The facilities are situated near the existing Day Center and are over 300 m2.

During the programme “City and Disability”, which the Republic Center – PORAKA has been implementing it in partnership with Municipality of Radovis and in March 2011 resulted in adoption of an official Local Disability Action Plan for Advancing the Situation of Persons with Disability in Municipality of Radovis, the need of immediate action for refurbishment, adaptation and equipment of the facilities for the Day Center.

Therefore, Municipality of Radovis has already granted 1.000.000 Denars to PORAKA Radovis, and currently a broad action is being conducted to involve other donors in order to raise the remaining funds needed.

We call upon all well-intentioned citizens, enterprises, institutions and organizations to become a part of the action for providing the funds needed for reconstruction of the premises and to help in the creation of an adequate and dignified place for persons with intellectual disability in Municipality of Radovis.

For additional information, please contact the Republic Center – PORAKA at 02/3296-961 or PORAKA Radovis at 032/635-826.

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