Activities of PORAKA – Demir Hisar Workshop under the motto “Your Kindness – Our Pride”

As a part of the programme activities within the campaign “Rights to Become Reality”, and in order to raise public awareness among the young people regarding persons with intellectual disability, PORAKA Demir Hisar in cooperation with the Secondary School “Krste Petkov Misirkov”, under the auspices of the director Kire Ristevski, held a workshop under the motto: “Your Kindness – Our Pride”.

30 pupils from the secondary school “Krste Petkov Misirkov” participated on the workshop, than 6 professors who are actively engaged in the programme activities of PORAKA Demir Hisar, representatives from the organization, representatives of PORAKA Bitola, of the local authorities, the institute for rehabilitation of hearing and speech from Bitola, and Julie Tumash – volunteer from the American organization “Peace Corps”.

During the workshop the following subjects were included: “What is Intellectual Disability?” and “The Differences between Mental Health and Intellectual Disability” presented by pupils and also the short film “Sara’s Adventure” was shown. Furthermore, there was a discussion about the mandatory education, with special focus on the Article 24 from the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with Disabilities, which refers to Education, then the Constitution of RM and the Law for Secondary Education, as well as the need for their implementation in practice.

At the end of the workshop, the pupils and their professors – mentors received certificates for participation.

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