Activities of the Republic Center – PORAKA Workshops for SWOT analyses of the local organizations and services of the Republic Center – PORAKA

One of the programme goals and objectives of the Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA is coordination and support to its local organizations and services. Therefore, the Republic Center – PORAKA, again this year, asked the local organizations and the services to prepare SWOT analyses regarding their work. The SWOT analysis is a very useful tool for assessing the current situation within the organization, with all its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and the threats that come from the environment where the organization acts. This tool, if objectively prepared, represents a solid foundation for developing real and effective action plans of the organization. Furthermore, it can provide ways for improving and overcoming the weaknesses of the organization.

The local organizations of the Republic Center – PORAKA during Board meetings considered and discussed in detail regarding the situation in their organizations, and according the conclusions they have reached, the Board members prepared the SWOT analyses.

Following the preparation of the SWOT analyses, three workshops were held for their detailed elaboration. The workshops were held during three days in the premises of the Republic Center – PORAKA, and the local organizations were divided in three different groups. This model of conducting the workshops offered sufficient time for presenting the real conditions and situation, and at the same time provided possibilities for discussing further activities of each local organization and service.

During the workshops, each of the participants had the opportunity to present the SWOT analysis, but also to present ongoing activities in their organizations, as well as activities that will be implemented in the following period. PORAKA’s team, and the other participants gave comments and advice regarding the work of each local organization and service, whilst emphasizing the positive examples of successful activities. These workshops had the goal to consolidate the activities and the work of the local organizations of the Republic center – PORAKA and its day centers. This is of utmost importance especially in this period since the local organizations will have to make effort for establishing partnership relations with the local authorities and actively to contribute towards advancing human rights of persons with intellectual disability in the community.

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