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At the humanitarian concert entitled “Be Humane, Help!” in the Municipality of Aerodrom


The big humanitarian concert for persons with disability and intellectual impairment under the motto of “BE HUMANE, HELP!”, held yesterday (June 8, 2010) opposite Biser Shopping Mall in the Municipality of Aerodrom, gathered many hundreds of citizens.

During the concert, the telephones of the mobile operators of One, T-Mobile and Vip operator kept on ringing, the citizens showing their selflessness by donating MKD 100 per call. For donating higher amounts of money, the citizens could donate funds to the accounts of NGO Polio Plus and NGO Poraka.
Besides having a great time, the citizens used this opportunity to talk on the telephone with some of the backstage celebrities.

In addition to the Mayor of the Municipality of Aerodrom Ivica Konevski, telephone calls were also answered by Mayor of Skopje Koce Trajanovski, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy Spire Ristevski, Director of the Agency for Youth and Sport Dime Spasov, and many other public persons, ambassadors, businessmen, singers, actors, sportsmen, as well as associates of the municipality.

Famous Macedonian music artists performed at the concert, such as: Dani, Vlatko Ilievski, Marko Slatkaristika, Jovan Jovanov, Elvir Mekik, Gjoko Taneski, Zoran Dzorlev, Rebeka, Aleksandar Mitevski, Aleksandar Belov, Bojana, Martina, Risto Samardziev, Sanja Lefkova, Toni Zen, Lambe Alabakovski, Maja Panceva, Maja Vukicevik, Jane Dunimaglovski, Blagoja Grujovski, Tatjana and Novica Lazarovski, Zuica Lazova, Goce Arnaudov, Blagica Pavlova, Buskerfest, Zumba and many others.

The three-hour humanitarian concert was organized by the Municipality of Aerodrom in cooperation with the Macedonian Radio Television, which provided live broadcast on its first program, which according to the measured parameters at that period, reached a high popularity rate.
During the concert, two young enthusiasts, members of the Makstripovi Association for Comic Strip Culture Promotion, animated the youth by drawing comic strip characters and caricatures.

The Municipality of Aerodrom organized a humanitarian concert of this kind last September as well, and due to its big success, it has been decided to make it a traditional event.

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