Donation from mine “Bucim” for the Day centar – PORAKA Radovis

For the 30th anniversary of the official start of the mine “Bucim”, which is a synonym and pride of the municipality Radovis, the management team of the mine and the vice-director Mr. Nikolajco Nikolov visited the day center – PORAKA Radovis donating a new photocopier for the day center.

Starting from his own motto that everybody should help people who need help and from his position continuously to support the day center – PORAKA Radovis, Mr. Nikolov has provided the needed photocopier for the day center.

On 3rd December, International day of persons with disabilities, Mr. Nikolov again visited the users of the day center – PORAKA Radovis, bringing full basket of sweets, wishing good health and happier days to all users of the service. The initiative of our friends Mr. Nikolov and the mine “Bucim” is an example for the business sector how to support the social services of general interest in the municipality Radovis.

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