Partnerships of PORAKA

Joint event of PORAKA, “Open the Windows” and Municipality of Karpos MESSAGE: Open the windows towards municipality without discrimination

In 2009 the British Council began with a programme called Active Citizens. The main goal of the programme is to provide support to participants in order for them to commence positive action for society change. This positive action can include activities for networking, improving cooperation, personal development and intercultural dialogue. This programme is implemented in 20 countries across Europe and in 8 countries in Africa and Asia. In Macedonia, the programme is implemented in two parts. Starting in November 2010 till March 2011, the second part of the programme began with implementation, and invited by the British Council, one representative from PORAKA was included. During the above-mentioned period, representatives from municipalities, teachers from primary schools and representatives from the civil sector participated on a training course consisted of three different modules, and the subject were: Active Citizens and Equality and Diversity. Active joint cooperation was expected from the participants as well as transferring the gained knowledge in their own municipalities. Therefore, divided in teams consisted of three members, each team prepared a project activity, which was later approved by the British Council. The representatives from PORAKA, “Open the Windows” and Municipality of Karpos consisted one team.

In that direction, the Republic Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA, the association “Open the Windows” and the Commission for equal opportunities of women and men within the Municipality of Karpos held a joint manifestation under the motto: “MESSAGE: Open the windows towards municipality without discrimination”.

The main goal of this event was to demonstrate the discrimination which persons with disability and their families face in everyday life, the prejudice, stereotype behaviour and harmful practices of the society system, but also citizens in general. At the same time raising public awareness, including on family level relating persons with disabilities, promoting respect regarding the rights and dignity of these persons and their families, and awareness for their abilities and contributions.

This event was organised under the auspices of Mr. Stevce Jakimovski, the Mayor of Municipality of Karpos, who also gave the opening speech. More than hundred pupils, their parents, and beneficiaries in the Day Centre PORAKA Skopje and “Open the Windows” and their parents attended, as well as other citizens of Municipality of Karpos. The programme consisted of a play written and performed by students from SUGS “Nikola Karev”. Then followed a presentation of the Law for Prevention and Protection from Discrimination made by Jovana Trencevska, counsellor in the Department for Gender Equality within the Ministry of labour and Social Policy. Moreover, Dr. Vasilka Dimoska, Programme manager in PORAKA, spoke about different types of discrimination which persons with intellectual disability face on everyday basis, and Vladimir Lazovski, Executive Director of “Open the Windows” gave his views on discrimination towards persons with disability.

The manifestation rose interest between the citizens, who expressed their satisfaction and asked for organising more events, which will educate the public, and will contribute towards raising the awareness relating the marginalized groups of citizens in the community.

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