PORAKA’s programme “City and Disability” Local Disability Action Plan adopted and promoted in Radovis

The Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA in the period March 2010 – March 2011 implemented the programme “City and Disability – creation of local disability action plans” in Radovis. The implementation began with preparatory activities, a meeting with the Mayor of Municipality of Radovis, creation of the working group and signing a Memorandum for Cooperation for realisation of the programme with the municipality and the local institutions and organisations of persons with disability involved in this process.

The next phase included a training of the working group related to preparation of a local disability action plan. With this training, the members of the working group gained knowledge in different areas related to the rights of persons with disability. Within the fourth phase of the programme, workshops have been realised where the members of the working group directly worked on creation of the local disability action plan. During the elaboration, the members set goals and priorities that are real and feasible, and correspond to the local resources. For each of the priorities, goals and tasks were defined, as well as responsible institutions for their implementation, time frame and resources. This document has been presented to the public in Municipality of Radovis through a public debate. The participants (councillors in Municipality of Radovis, representatives of local institutions and organisations, other stakeholders) were able to give feedback and constructive remarks relating the presented strategic document. The draft-text of the local disability action plan was finished during the final phase of the programme, taking in consideration the suggestions received on the public debate.

On the session of the Council of the Municipality of Radovis, held on 25.03.2011, the councillors unanimously adopted the Local action plan for advancing the situation of persons with disability in Municipality of Radovis 2011 – 2013. On 20.06.2011, PORAKA and Municipality of Radovis held a promotion of the Local action plan in Radovis.

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