Successful realization of the adaptation, renovation and equipping process of the new facility for a day center of PORAKA in Radovis

The new facility of the day center of PORAKA in Radovis was opened

The Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability – PORAKA is actively involved in creating conditions for implementing the reform process of de-institutionalisation in the Republic of Macedonia i.e. prevention from institutionalisation by establishing alternative community-based services for support of persons with intellectual disability and their families. The activities in this area are aimed towards two directions: maintaining the continuity in the work of the established social services (day centers) for persons with intellectual disability and creating conditions for promoting other types of services.

One of the day centers, within PORAKA’s network, is the day center in Radovis. This day center, since its establishment ten years ago, functioned in frazzled assembly barracks, which in the past several years on couple occasions underwent refurbishments in order to offer adequate facilities where the programme activities could be realized. In 2010, PORAKA Radovis was assigned with facility – building of solid construction, which with adequate refurbishment, renovation and equipment became a proper day center.

Therefore, the Republic Center – PORAKA, together with PORAKA Radovis, and in cooperation with the local government in Municipality of Radovis (the Mayor Mr. Robert Velkov and the Council of the Municipality of Radovis) in the past period successfully cooperated in renovation and equipping the new facility aimed for a day center of PORAKA in Radovis.

The Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mr. Spiro Ristovski and the Mayor of Municipality of Radovis, Mr. Robert Velkov formally opened the facility on 21.06.2012.

The adaptation of the facility, renovation and the equipping of the new facility was supported by: Municipality of Radovis; the Republic Center – PORAKA; the mine “Bucim”; the company “Detonit” – Radovis and several companies from Radovis with donations in construction materials. Also, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) through a project financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Republic of Macedonia. The Republic Center – PORAKA provided donations for the renovation from Inclusion Ireland, an NGO from Ireland and The Macedonian Embassy in The Hague – Netherlands and the Ambassador H.E. Nikola Dimitrov.

The activities in the following period will be concentrated on arranging the yard, which will complete the whole action regarding this social service.

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