The message for equal opportunities for persons with intellectual disability presented at the Skopje Marathon 2013

Dejan Krle, one of the participants on Skopje Marathon 2013, dedicated his race to persons with intellectual disability and their affirmation as equal citizens in our country.
Namely, during the marathon (Sunday 12th of May 2013) he wore the message “Equal opportunities for persons with intellectual disability” on his sports gear with the aim of raising awareness regarding the rights of persons with intellectual disability in the Republic of Macedonia.

This initiative is realized in cooperation with the Republic Center for Support of Persons with Intellectual disability – PORAKA, as one of the activities for observing the jubilee – 50 years active work of the Republic Centar – PORAKA.

Dejan is a positive example for all of us and aprove that there are still well-intentioned people prepared to give their contribution in the process of equalization of opportunities for persons with intellectual disability.

On behalf of all our members with intellectual disability, we express our gratitude to Dejan.

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